ICT is a tool based on advanced and innovative algorithms for an automated and intelligent calibration of static and dynamic engine characteristics supporting the mapping of ECU’s.

By defining the optimization targets (e.g. emission, boost pressure etc.) and the actuators (e.g. injection initiation point, fuel consumption…) an optimization model is calculated, using generic algorithms as well as gradient based methods.

With respect to data management, ICT supports a flexible data management process taking existing data from test results into account. ICT’s core features are the analysis and modeling methods allowing application engineers a high degree of customization for the specific optimization task.

To cover all the needs for calibration and function development, ICT was designed as a framework with a well defined workflow. This workflow is independent from the optimization task, which means independent if the optimization goal is from static or transient nature or if it is performed on a test bench or a chassis dyno. This is achieved by using a flexible analysis layer within the software structure.